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Cards and rates

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Please find below the information related to prices and fares

To provide you with an informed and hassle-free travel experience, we invite you to carefully review the details regarding prices and fares offered by the Seville Transport Consortium. In this section, you will find comprehensive information about service costs and available fare options, allowing you to plan your journeys efficiently and economically in the beautiful city of Seville.

Tarjeta joven

Youth Card

The youth transport card offers a 20% discount on single tickets (in metropolitan areas, this discount is added to the existing 30% from the general card), resulting in a total discount of 50%.

Tarjeta familia numerosa

Large Family Card

The large family card allows for a discount on the journey price with the card of 50% for special regime large families, and 20% for general regime large families.

Sales Points

Sales points provide an accessible way to purchase your transport card. Make sure to locate the nearest one to facilitate your purchase.

Mapa venta

Access to On-Demand Transportation

The Transportation Consortium addresses requests for low-occupancy public service through an on-demand transportation mode. Transportation services and/or stops will be provided if there's a prior request from a user. To avail of this service, users must call and register for the on-demand transportation service via the Metropolitan Transportation Consortium of the Sevilla Area office at 955 053 205, available from 08:00 to 15:00 on weekdays. There's no need to have a transportation card. Service and/or stop requests can be made up to 4 days in advance and no later than 15:00 the day before the service departs. Any made reservation can also be canceled within that period. Upon completing a reservation, you'll receive a notification email with the reservation details. The Consortium reserves the right to suspend an account if repeated breaches of terms of use are detected, notwithstanding notifying the said user to provide any necessary clarifications.